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QEII Jubilee Hospital History: 1980-1989

Opening 1980

The 1980s. 

  • 1980 September first job advertisements placed for: nurses, clerks, medical staff, paramedical staff, wardsmen, domestics, housekeeper, laundry hands and seamstress
  • 1981 January Functional opening of QEII with first patient treated in casualty
  • 1981 Hospital auxiliary established
  • 1982 Community lobbies for the establishment of a Maternity Unit and Dental Unit opened
  • Commonwealth Games held at QEII Stadium
  • 1983 Ward 4A opened with 100,000 patients seen
  • 1984 Logo developed by Allan Isaak
  • First participation in Australian Development Assistance Bureau
  • 30 bed obstetric facility negotiated for QEII
  • 1985 Maternity Unit opened
  • 1986 BBQ area opened by O'Keefe
  • First intermediate patient treated
  • First hospital in Australian to install Micromedex Computerised Clinical Information system to Emergency Department
  • 1987 Prayer room opened
  • Eight bed Day Surgery Unit commissioned
  • 1989 Overseas Doctors program commenced
  • 1990 Medical library established


Maternity Unit

Celebrating the first baby born in the new Maternity Unit at QEII Jubilee Hospital.  Born on New Years Day at 9.28 pm weighing 3.88 kg.  Thanks to Clem and Marjorie O'Keefe (President and Secretary of Hospital Auxilary) for their efforts in providing additional resources for the maternity wing.  For example, four new birthday beds at a cost of  $20,000.

From left: Clem and Marjorie O'Keefe, Dr Jim Griffin, Medical Superintendent  (4th from left) Miss Joy Murcutt (Nursing Superintendent).

First prescription written by QEII pharmacist.

Patients meals were delivered to the hospital frozen and a conveyor belt system was used to plate the meals.  The meals were heated in ovens on each level and delivered via a trolley to patients.

First medical staff


First nursing staff

First administrative staff - with John Smith (Hospital Manager)

Hospital Managers 1980 - 2019

John Smith - 1980 - 1986

R. Gray 1986 - 1987

John Wylie 1987 - 1991

1992 - Regional Health Authority CE0 Judith Robson

Wendy Pilkington 1997 - 2010

Mike Kerin 2010- 2019

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