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PAH Library and Knowledge Centre: Training Sessions


Pre-recorded Training Session

(17 mins)


Endnote X9 Basics

  • Installing and setting-up Endnote
  • Creating and saving a new Endnote library
  • Creating and importing your citations/references  (e.g. import from CKN or PubMed)
  • Organising saved articles for off-line work
  • Create in-text references in your Word document
  • Create a bibliography in your Word document

Endnote will automatically create and format your bibliography. Helpful for reports, research papers, case studies and more. Suitable for nursing, medical and allied health staff.


Pre-recorded Training Session

(25 mins)

Endnote X9 Advanced

  • Combining and merging Endnote libraries
  • Matching and removing duplicate citations
  • Citation metadata clean-up (F&R for citation type, Author etc.)
  • Advanced note-taking with custom fields and smart groups
  • Importing or creating endnote styles
  • Travelling libraries for review and collaboration

Expand your knowledge of Endnote with features for managing files, managing citations and collaborating on documents.


Pre-Recorded Training Session

(20 mins)

Literature Searching with CKN

  • CKN overview
  • CKN basic search & saving your results
  • CKN advanced searching – Booleans, wildcards, expanders
  • Refining search terms & keywords
  • Other systems to search for information

Build your research skills and find information for your literature review, work project or research submission. Suitable for nursing, medical and allied health staff.


Please contact the Library for the supporting training documents. 

Pre-Recorded Training - Part I

Pre-Recorded Training - Part II

Pre-Recorded Training - Part III

(30 mins)

Systematic Review Essentials 

Are you new to SRs or looking for a refresher? This training provides an overview of the entire process, with templates, tips & tricks to make your SR easier and faster.

Part I Planning and methodology

  • Overview of SRMA
  • Define & concept map question
  • Design, test and improve a search strategy
  • Write/register protocols

Part II Searching and screening

  • Translate search strategies
  • Export & screen search results
  • Hand-searching & errata 

Part III Reviewing and analysing

  • Review & critical appraisal 
  • Meta-analysis
  • Editing and publishing
Statistics & Bioinformatics


Statistics & Bioinformatics

QFAB Bioinformatics - One-on-one advice related to bioinformatics, biostatistics and biodata:

  •     Advice on experimental design
  •     Recommendation and coaching on analysis methods
  •     Analysis of data
  •     Interpretation of results
  •     Choice and use of software
  •     Access to bioinformatics resources and compute infrastructure
  •     Recommendations on Data Management Plans
  •     Content and pilot analysis for grants
  •     Publication revision & help with reviewer comments

Clinical researchers and students from Metro South Hospital and Health Service can book appointments with a statistician for advice and support regarding experimental design, analysis, publications, grant proposals, and data capture and management.


Ethics Review Manager (ERM) platform training

EMR training schedule located under the 'Ethics and Governance Tab

Ethics Review Manager (ERM) platform training

Researchers, applicants, sponsors and CROs, undertaking research can join an ERM training sessions in person or via dial-in. Sessions are available on an ongoing basis and cover:

  • How to log-in
  • How to make an ethics submission
  • How to make a governance application
  • How to make an amendment
  • Help and Training timetable

To book check the EMR training schedule located under the 'Ethics and Governance Tab, on the Centres of Health Research page, and email HIIRO to book.



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