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QEII Jubilee Hospital History: 2021

Opening 1980

QEII Hospital Expansion Program

Refit 5A - Inside view


QEII Hospital Expansion Program

The QEII Hospital Expansion Program will increase available beds with the expansion of Ward 5A to assist with demand in the growing region, allowing the local community to be treated closer to home.

Over the coming years, QEII Hospital will see the benefit of several other projects designed to increase services, improve functionality of existing facilities and make the environment more contemporary and comfortable for patients, visitors, and staff.

The projects

The QEII Hospital Expansion Program will be delivered as a series of projects.

  • New medical ward in 5A (26 beds)
  • Modular accommodation for administration and library
  • QEII Hospital Car Parking Plan
  • A collection of projects to increase size, space and contemporary comfort across the campus.


5A Library Refit

The refit of existing infrastructure to re-establish a 26-bed medical ward including relocating the library into modular accommodation on site.



Refit 5A - outside view

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